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Melbet Affiliate Program

Begin generating significant income by partnering with one of the world’s most rapidly expanding betting and gambling companies. Melbet expresses appreciation to its partners through a profit-sharing model known as RevShare. Additionally, they offer CPA and hybrid deals. In straightforward terms, this means you can receive a percentage, ranging from 25% to 40%, of Melbet’s profits.



  • Generous Commission Rates
  • Consistent Payouts
  • Advertising Resources
  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • A Network of 40,000 Partners
  • Renowned Brand
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Details on Earning Opportunities

Melbet Affiliate Partner

As a valued affiliate Melbet partner, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits, including:

  • Your dedicated account manager for personalized assistance.
  • A unique promotional code and personalized link, allowing you to track from multiple sources.
  • Access to a demo player account (terms can be discussed).
  • Comprehensive support for any affiliate program-related queries.
  • Custom banners embedded with your unique promotional code.

Timely payments every Tuesday

Secure your earnings every Tuesday like clockwork! Your commission will seamlessly transfer from your bookmaker’s affiliate program account to your player account on this day. Following that, you have the flexibility to withdraw your funds through various methods such as Visa, crypto, or e-wallets, depending on your country.

Notably, please be aware that the minimum melbet affiliate withdrawal amount is $30. In instances where an Affiliate has not reached this threshold, the funds will automatically roll over to the subsequent week until the requisite amount is accumulated.

How Melbet Affiliate Program Works


  • 1. Generate your unique link, select a personalized promo code, and let our expert designers craft captivating banners for you.
  • 2. Embed the provided link on your platform and inspire your audience to register on the Melbet website.
  • 3. Earn a substantial share of Melbet's profits, ranging from 25% to 40%, through our RevShare model.
  • 4. Access your earned commissions seamlessly every Tuesday for the preceding week.

Introducing the Melbet Affiliates Program

Are you passionate about sports, casino, or online entertainment? Are you a website owner, tipster, sports analyst, or a social media influencer with a dedicated following? If so, welcome to the world of Melbet Affiliates, where collaboration meets success. Join our prestigious affiliate program and become a part of the thriving Melbet community.

About Melbet

Established in 2012, Melbet has rapidly ascended to the pinnacle, securing its position in the top 3 global betting and casino companies. Operating under a legitimate license, we take pride in offering an unparalleled online gaming experience through Melbet Online Bookmaker and Melbet Online Casino.

Our Reach

With several million monthly visits to our websites, Melbet is a name synonymous with excellence and trust. Our primary website,, caters to a global audience. In specific regions, we operate on local domains. Embracing the mobile era, we provide users with a seamless experience through mobile versions and dedicated melbet affiliate app for Android and iOS.

Partnership Models

At Melbet, we value diversity, and that extends to our affiliate program models. Collaborate with us under various structures, including RevShare, CPA, hybrid, and fixed models. We believe in empowering our partners by offering flexibility that suits their unique strengths and preferences.

Earning Potential

One of the standout features of our program is the Lifetime Commission through RevShare. Partners engaging with our bookmaker affiliate program receive a commission for the entire duration of a player’s activity. We believe in building lasting relationships, and our commission structure reflects that commitment.

Referral Commission

But that’s not all – Affiliate Melbet appreciates the value of bringing new partners into the fold. As a token of our gratitude, we offer referral commissions to partners who successfully attract new collaborators to our affiliate program.

Who Can Be a Melbet Partner

Melbet welcomes a diverse array of partners, including website owners dedicated to sports and casino content, tipsters, sports analysts, influential figures on platforms like Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook group owners. Our affiliate program is designed to accommodate various niches within the online entertainment space.

Join Melbet Affiliates and unlock a world of opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting, we have a place for you in our community. Let's grow together, let's succeed together – with Melbet Affiliates.


Setting Melbet Apart: A Distinctive Look at Our Affiliate Program

Distinguishing itself from other betting affiliate programs, the Melbet affiliate program stands out with exceptionally high RevShare rates. Unparalleled informational support and the guidance of seasoned affiliate managers set us apart in the industry.

To claim the title of the world’s premier bookmaker, we place our trust in the Melbet product, dedicated affiliate managers, a continually increasing percentage of rewards, and comprehensive partner training. This strategic bet carries significant odds and, undeniably, it is proving to be a winning formula. Join us in this journey towards excellence.


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